Unmatched Data.  Unmatched Insights.  The Best Results.

Don't expose yourself to unnecessary blind spots in real estate data!

With access of up to 100 data points on all 2+ million properties in BC (Residential, Commercial, Farm, Industrial, Civic, etc.), Landcor is the best name in data analytics you've never heard of.   We do this to give you that edge over your competition.

Landcor's Data Analytics Team has worked with clients to help understand the sales activity:
  • The influence on valuations of a certain property type on nearby property's - current and over time
  • The mix of property types in a defined geographic area
  • The change in property values over time along a linear settlement
  • Comparative change in value (singular property & municipality), by residential property type over time
  • Track sales activity of the top quartile of properties sold, by Municipality over time
2020 Assessment Roll - Insights:

Check out our interactive charts related to BC Assessment 2020 Data Roll Insights.  Contact to start the conversation around what's possible for you.

Our Data Analytics Team take a lot of pride in solution discovery with our clients and we look forward to one day embarking on this journey with you.

Jeff Tisdale PFP, BBA
Chief Executive Officer