Landcor Data Corporation gives you access to the most reliable real estate information in British Columbia. 

Founded in 1988 by Rudy Nielsen, R.I. (B.C.) F.R.I., Landcor is part of the NIHO (Nielsen Holdings) group of companies. Established to meet the growing demand for a fast, accurate system to value and analyze properties without having to physically inspect each and every one, Landcor offers the best source of real estate data and analytic tools available. Today, we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients.  

With access to 77 unique details on each of the 2+ million properties in B.C., Landcor has redefined automated valuation industry standards. Our AVM tools combine these sources of data with proprietary applications—developed in house and independently tested for accuracy—to give you the most comprehensive automated valuation available. 

Our extensive product and service portfolio also includes reports to help you assess mortgage risk, development potential, market-capture rate, and much more. With a robust database, our custom reporting services provide solutions to your unique real estate needs.

Make confident real estate decisions with Landcor Data Corporation. 


Original Project / Leadership Team - Since 1999


   Dr. Stan Hamilton, Ph.D, MBA
   Professor Emeritus, UBC
   Consults on Regression & Valuation Formulas
   1999 to Present


    Rudy Nielsen, RI, FRI
    Founder and President
    1999 to Present


  David Hobden, MSc, BCom
   Senior Financial Economist
   Central 1 Credit Union
   Designer of AVM Regression Code
   1999 to Present


Technical Team

Toby Spendiff
Senior Consultant 
Georg Hovel
Project Manager
2000 to 2001
Ata Roboubi
Software Developer
2000 to 2001
Jerry Gill
Software Developer
2000 to 2001
Li Chen
Software Developer
2000 to 2001
Proximity Design Group
Web Design
2000 to 2001