In the competitive property development industry, knowledge is power. Knowing which properties are available—and their potential uses—can give you the edge.

That’s why property developers rely on Landcor. With unparalleled access to data on 1.88 million properties, our reports can provide you with information you won’t find anywhere else. Use our proprietary reports to track down vacant land, or find out which properties have been deleted or changed—as well as what type of usage the land is zoned for. With a comprehensive database that includes sales history and assessment data, Landcor can also tell you the value of a piece of land and its improvements.

Landcor also has access to the critical demographic data that will help you determine the type of development or business a particular area can support. All this and more is at your fingertips through reports custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Grow your business with Landcor, your one-stop shop for property data. View our Online Property Reports or contact us for questions.

Landcor gives you unparalleled access to information you won’t find anywhere else.